Against The Tides of Racism

Moving Forward by Reflecting Inwards

Episode Summary

Fouzia talks about the importance of being aware of power and privilege. She notes that power exists in many spaces and it is the abuse of power that is problematic. She shares the value of looking inward as a starting point to reflect on what happens outward.

Episode Notes

Dr. Fouzia Usman is an Educational Development Consultant at the University of Calgary and works to advance equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) initiatives across the university’s teaching and learning communities. This involves collaborating with individuals and groups on incorporating EDI values and principles, including anti-racism practices, in postsecondary teaching and learning contexts. She has spent the last 15 years immersed in equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within an educational context (K-12 and postsecondary) as a researcher, educator and consultant. Identifying as an "Anti-Oppression" educator herself, Fouzia has taught at the post-secondary level focusing on topics such as social justice and diversity for learning. Her doctoral research focused on inclusion within Dubai’s educational system, whereby she provided guidance to reshape administrators’ and policymakers’ perceptions of inclusion practices for students with specific learning needs. Fouzia has an interest in promoting anti-oppression pedagogical practices at the postsecondary level and her research interests include decolonization of curriculum, combatting Islamophobia, anti-oppression pedagogy, equity and inclusivity in teaching and learning, and intercultural competency among faculty members. Within the community, Fouzia currently serves as a member on the Calgary Police Services Anti-Racism Action committee.